How much is a marquee to hire?

How much is a marquee to hire?

How much is a marquee to hire?   This is aimed primarily more at the small garden marquee hire market who are looking to give their house some more space for a party.  Most likely to extend their home by butting up the marquee over a set of doors in their garden.  If this is […]

Do I need flooring in my marquee?

Do I Need Flooring in my Marquee_  Do I Need Flooring in my Marquee? Yes.  Yes you do!   When I first have conversations with my customers who tell me their marquee is going on their patio so they don’t need flooring I send them straight to this post to explain why it’s never a good idea to not have a floor […]

Can I attach a marquee to my house?

This is what we’re known and famous for!  Yes you can 🙂 When I say attach, there’s no need to be drilling holes into your house so don’t worry there’s no mess. “Clearspan” marquees mean they are freestanding – thus can be installed up against a set of doors allowing you to walk from your […]

Hiring v Buying a Marquee

The reason why you’re here is because you have a small party coming up and are wondering after looking at hire prices is it cheaper to BUY a small marquee rather than HIRING it? Short answer? Yes. No typo it is!  However you’re comparing buying something that is essentially a supermarket plastic bag, on very […]

How big a marquee do I need?

How big a marquee do I need?  I get asked this A LOT. To help you give a ball park figure I’ve created a table below to work out how big a marquee you need. Require a larger marquee than a 60 person capacity?  Visit our big brother – Abacus Marquee & Event Hire here! […]

Is a marquee warm enough in winter? Lots of my customers have asked is a marquee warm enough in winter?  People can’t get their heads around it being nearly freezing outside but a warm 25 degrees inside!  It’s all about who you use to install the marquee and the equipment they use. When getting quotes – see if any of their testimonials […]

Does your marquee hire include set up?

Our most common question our customers first ask – is does marquee hire include set up? You’ll be pleased to find out…yes it does! When you are getting quotes be sure to ask if their marquee hire includes set up.  Some companies do not, which in my opinion is wrong and risking the safety and […]