How big a marquee do I need?

How big a marquee do I need? 

I get asked this A LOT.

To help you give a ball park figure I’ve created a table below to work out how big a marquee you need.

how big a marquee do i need?
Rough capacity figures of our most popular marquee sizes available to you.

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The above capacity charts is the maximum capacity.  So you’ll need extra space if you’re planning to have a dance floor, buffet area or bar area!

If you’re a numbers person then to work out how many people you can fit in an area is below.

One person takes approx 0.5m2 of area standing.  Your available space is 3m x 6m which is 18m2.  Therefore you could fit 36 guests maximum standing.  (We say our 3m x 6m Marquees holds 30 to be safe)

Chairs & Tables take up more room than you think after allocating space for guests to pull their chairs back to sit down.  Round tables are only really advices in marquees wider than 6m otherwise it’s hard for guests to walk past the first table. 

Trestle tables are ideal for 3m and 4m wide marquees.  You can get more people sat down on trestle tables than round tables in a given space too.

My best advice is look at the chart and find what size marquee would suit your capacity, then go to the next size up.  The increase in hire cost is minimal – having extra space is a far better problem to have than not having enough!

Also, you may have 50 guests coming but you’re attaching the marquee to your house and using your living room too.  So you may only need a marquee for say 30 people!

A 4m x 10m Marquee which has an “empty capacity” of 50 people standing.  Adding a bar and dance floor may reduce that number to 40.


Upload images of your garden here for Mark to work out what marquee can fit inside your available space!



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