Flooring Options

A hard floor & carpet comes as standard with all of our marquees

Carpet & Hard Flooring System

Marquee Heating

Having a good, firm floor is paramount for all events, all year round.  Guests will expect a firm footing – which is why we install hard flooring & carpet in all of our marquees as standard.  We believe it’s a minimum requirement.

Flooring helps insulate the marquee in winter – helping to retain heat inside the marquee.

Recommend for marquees even installed on patios

If your marquee going on patio it prevents rainwater flowing back onto the patio, which your guests will be transferring back into the house.

The flooring is firm enough for guests in heels to walk and dance on too.

Recommended for Birthday parties, Weddings, Asian Weddings, Family parties.

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Looking to Hire a Marquee in Your Garden?

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