Lining & Interior Spec Options

LED Uplighting

Marquee Hire Hartfield

Add some colour to your marquee – perfect for all events!

Lighting makes a huge impact to the look and feel of your marquee so it’s important you get it right.

LED Uplighter’s are units sitting on the floor shining light upwards give the marquee install atmosphere for a real party set up.

LED Uplighting instantly transforms the look and feel of your party venue and is our first recommendation for all evening parties.

They can be set to a single colour to instantly flood your marquee in your favourite colour.

Alternatively they can change colour in time with the music for more of a nightclub vibe.

Take a look at the video to go through all of your lighting options.

Recommended for all events.

LED Fairy Lighting

Marquee Hire Wellingborough

Add some Fairy Lights to add some sparkle to your party.

Perfect for most events our fairy lights are arranged in the ceiling to give you a midnight sky effect all twinkling up above your guests’ heads.

If your marquee is lining we hide the fairy lights underneath the lining and they twinkle through.

They create a really nice affect and can even be appreciated during daytime events.

Recommended for Weddings, Asian Weddings & Birthday parties


Marquee Hire Redbridge

Chandelier Lighting is mostly suited for seated events such as weddings, corporate and family parties for practical lighting.

Our standard chandeliers are finished in a matt silver.

Nightclub Lighting System

Applied to 6m wide marquees only.  Perfect for nightclub themed events to recreate the ultimate nightclub lighting set up.

Nightclub Lighting Pack Includes:

  • LED Moving Head Lighting (over dance floor - sound to light activated)
  • LED Downlight Wash Lights (over dance floor - sound to light activated)
  • Smoke Machine & Remote
  • Additional Set of LED Uplighters

The advantage of this type of nightclub level lighting system is, the system does not require a lighting desk taking up valuable space inside your marquee nor a lighting technician to stay during the duration of your event making these simple lighting systems cost effective.

Infrared Electric Heating

Marquee Heating

Electric heating system ensures no matter when your event is, your guests will be comfortable.

Ensure your guests are warm and comfortable no matter what time of year your event is.

We install more marquees up in December than we do in June, so we know how to keep your guests warm during the colder months.

Heating the person rather than the air around it, they give you instant heat without having to wait for the whole marquee to warm up.

We tend to install between 2-6 heaters in the marquee depending on size and time of year.  

Combining heaters in your marquee alongside flooring & lining to insulate it means you can have an outside event all year round and your guests will be more than comfortable even during the coldest winter evenings.

Recommended for any events occurring in Oct – April.

Diesel Heating System

A diesel heating system which comes with 8-10 hours of fuel and a thermostat.  A fully automated heating system which allows you to control the heat via the thermostat (much like the heating works in your own home)

The heater is positioned outside the structure and a warm air duct feeds the heated air via a discreet air gate.

For larger scale events or long term hires (free heating offer is excluded) - a 900l external fuel tank can be added to the system for longer use cases.

Smaller marquees may have electric heaters as is better suited.

Exterior Festoon Lighting

Festoon Lighting work as fantastic ambient lighting for illuminating outside areas of your venue or garden.  They can be hung on poles to utilise any outside space you have.

They allow any outside areas to be utilised even when it's getting too dark to rely on natural daylight.

For more rustic themed events they can also be installed inside your marquee too providing a cost effective way of lighting up a marquee.

Outside LED Uplighters

Outside LED Uplighters can illuminate buildings or trees to create a lovely colourful atmosphere outside.  These tend to work best when the event takes place of an evening where it is dark to get their full effect.

Can be set to a certain colour or changing colour to suit any theme.

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