Lining & Interior Spec Options

Choose from a white lined marquee in our 3m and 4m wide range.  You can also upgrade to a blackout lining or a transparent roof marquee in our 6m wide range.

Pleated White Marquee Lining

Marquee Heating

Lining totally transforms the look and feel of your venue – taking it from a “big tent” to a wonderful looking setting for your event!  

Lining is the pleated white material that covers the roofs, ends & sides to the marquee.

This totally transforms the look of your event hiding the metalwork and material of the marquee.

It also helps insulate the marquee in the winter too as it further insulates the structure.

A “roof lining only” option is available which has no end or side wall lining to make your marquee look less formal.

Lining also reflects LED lighting very well – so adding LED uplighters with lining work really well for evening parties.

Recommended for Birthday parties, Weddings, Asian Weddings & Family Parties

Upgraded Blackout Starlight Lining

Perfect for milestone birthday parties who want a lively atmosphere.

You can instantly turn your back garden into a nightclub for an epic party.

Works well with:

  • Dance floor
  • LED Uplighting
  • Light Up Age Numbers
  • Poseur Tables & Faux Leather Cube Seats


Adding Starlight Lining to the whole of your marquee turns your venue into an awesome nightclub style set up.

Comes with LED lights embedded in the roof.

A partial starlight lining just over the dance floor works very well for weddings & corporate events.

Black walls to complete the dark starlight finish.  White walls added to the blackout starlight lining also works well.

Upgraded Transparent Roofs & Walls

Marquee hire Slough

Can either be configured where the complete marquee roof is transparent or just part of the marquee roof is transparent.  You can also add clear walls & gable ends clear too.

LED Fairy lighting installed under these lights is highly recommended.

Transparent roofs are a premium option (in comparison to a standard white roof & lining)

Side walls will need to be rolled up to cool the marquee during summer daytime events (especially if guests are seated)

Roof Lining Overlays

Transparent roofs do not have lining installed on the interior.  This means the roof beams & legs (metal structure) within the marquee are visible.  

To reduce the industrial look of a transparent marquee, white lining overlays, swags & leg covers can be installed above to soften the look.

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