Will a Marquee fit in my Garden?

Will a marquee fit in your garden?

Small garden sized marquees start from as small as 3m x 2m.  Most marquees are either 3m or 4m wide, and go in 2m length increments.  

To give you an idea if you don’t know how large 1m is is, a typical garden fence panel is 2m wide.  So if your garden has 5 fence panels long, 4 fence panels wide, you know your garden will be roughly 10m long and 8m wide.

If you’re unsure how to measure your garden check out our article here

However the easiest way to find out what sized marquee you can fit inside your garden is to upload some of your garden images here and our team will tell you!

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Upload Your Images of Your Garden to our Whatsapp Here

We’ll work out the maximum size that you can fit in your garden, and then that might then

help you to find out well how many people you can then invite.

Also think about the capacity of the house, if you’re going to use the house and of the marquee – then that will give you a lot more capacity than just using your garden.

My best advice would be to upload some images of your garden and we will work out what the best sized marquee will be for your space!   We install over 400 marquees a year, so we know from the photos what’s going work and what won’t. 

If you are sending some photos in please send some photos of different angles, and if you’re looking at having the marquee butted-up or attached to the house, it’d be really, really useful if we can see the doors and where we’re going be attaching it to.

So it might involve you standing out in the garden and taking a couple of photos of the house.

So upload some photos of the garden, we’ll come back to you with the best game plan for you to make sure that we’ve got the best looking marquee for your event.


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