How to Measure Your Garden in Under 30 Seconds

How to Measure Your Garden

The handy How to Measure Your Garden guide in under 30 seconds.

Mark, I don’t know the size of my garden  and I’ve got no idea where to start.  I can’t measure to save my life!  Here’s our handy guide to show you how to measure your garden.

It’s quite simple how to work an estimate size of your garden and it doesn’t even involve a tape measure!  Most gardens tend to have fence panels around the perimeter and most fence panels are two meters wide.

So simply count the number of fence panels you have down the length of your garden and multiply that by two.  That will give you a distance in meters. 

For example if your garden is 6 fence panels long, and 4 fence panels wide – you can be certain your garden is around 12m long and 8m wide.

If you want to give measurements to a marquee hire companies, most marquee companies work in meters, so stick to meters rather than feet or inches when you’re giving your dimensions out.

Better still work with a company like us where you can simply upload images of your garden to our website, there’ll be a link below this video too and we can see from the photos what size marquee will fit in the available space.

If you don’t have fences in the garden, and you want to get a rough idea how big the garden is, one large pace from a standard-height human will be round about a meter.  So pace around the garden, if you don’t have fence panels.

My best suggestion is let us do the measuring for you – click on the link below, and upload a couple of photos of the garden and we’ll do the hard work.  We will work out the biggest marquee size you can fit in there for you on that front.

And in regards to how marquee sizes work most marquees that are fit enough for gardens like yours, will be three and four meters wide and they come in two meter length increments.

Example sizes would be:

3m x 4m

3m x 6m 

3m x 8m

4m x 4m

4m x 6m

4m x 8m

4m x 10m and so on

Unsureof H How to Measure your Garden ow Big Your Garden Is?

Upload images of your garden here and we will show you! 



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