Will a Marquee Kill my Grass/Damage Garden?

Will a marquee kill my grass?

We work in some really nice gardens and some of them you can clearly tell that our clients spend a long time looking after their gardens.

So this is quite an important factor to decide whether a marquee is going to be a viable option for their event.

No, the marquee and the flooring that sits on top where he marquee’s sitting does not kill or damage the grass at all.  You may find as the marquee’s been there for three or four days

you’ll find a perfectly square yellowish patch.

That’s just where the grass has not had enough light over the last few days. It’s certainly not killed the grass. And within the next week, that grass will be back to green.

So you’ve got no worries on that front.  Our big brother company, Abacus Marquee Hire, that’s used predominately for weddings and larger events, used quite often for Asian weddings and they tend to go on for sort of 10 to 14 days, and again what happens is you just get a yellow square and within a week the grass is back to normal.

So no, a marquee doesn’t kill grass but we actually do recommend putting a floor down on grass because it will help protect the grass a lot better as it will spread the weight better.

You know, you can imagine you’ve got 60 pairs of feet milling about in this marquee.

That’s gonna do more damage than having a nice floor to spread the weight across.

So no, a marquee does not damage your grass at all!


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