What a Professional Marquee Hire Company Looks Like

Choosing the Right Marquee Hire Company for You

Today I want to help you choose who the best marquee company is for you and your event.  I have been as un-biased as I can as there are other companies in your local area doing a great job too.

I want to put some tools in your armoury to help you decide, when you are gathering quotes who is going to be the best person to take care of your event.

Choosing the right marquee hire company is crucial for your party – they are the glue that holds everything together and it will make or break the success of your event.

Marquee hire companies tend to bring a multitude of different equipment needed for your party including lighting & heating, dance floors, bars & fridges and furniture.  So you want to make sure it’s from a trusted & reliable company who look after their stock so it’s still in great condition for your party. 

Nobody wants that chair with a wobbly leg or a scratched up dance floor…

My first bit of advice is always check reviews and maybe not necessarily the reviews on their website, but on other review sites that are beyond the Company owner’s control.

And that might be sites like Trustpilot and Google Reviews – where it’s the customer who puts the reviews on there directly.  The Company cannot control these sites whatsoever so you’ll always get honest feedback.

Creating wonderful looking marquees require meticulous attention to detail and a good finishing eye.  If the owner cannot present themselves to a good enough standard at the research/quoting stage (their website & quote) I’m sure that will also follow suit in all sectors of their business.  

Take a look at how other companies have positioned themselves online will give you an idea of what their values are and where they are positioned in the market.  Ask yourself:

How was their quote presented?

What are the quality of their images of past events look like?  Do they look like events you’d like to have hosted yourself?

What is their communication style like?  Are they approachable?  Have they listened to what you really would like or were just selling to you?

Have they got previous experience in something similar to what you are looking for?  

Here’s our handy PDF to help Compare how companies score

Maybe check, check if they’ve got case studies or look at the reviews themselves if they mention certain keywords such as weddings you know they have got wedding specific case studies or testimonials just to make sure that they have got the experience.

Also check if they have a staffed main office, because marquee hire is quite a seasonal

business mainly during the summer months.  The Company owner may also be the person installing the marquees and you don’t want to have to reach somebody who is difficult to get hold of in the build up to your event when you want to go over some details or make amendments.

There needs to be an office infrastructure there in place if you want to make some last minute changes you want to get in touch with the team or the company owner rather quickly.

So there are my best bits of advice, it’s all about quality of images, quality of reviews, 

they’re the two biggest things that I would look out for.

If you do have any concerns about us or any other company, you know what to do,

Give us a call it’s 01462 262012.

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