My Garden isn’t Straightforward – Will it Work?

My Garden isn’t Straightforward – Will it Work?

Now quite a popular question to us is, “Mark, our garden’s not that straightforward. It’s got a small tree in it. It’s got a small retaining wall. It’s got a water feature that’s immovable.

“Can we work around that, and can a marquee actually still work with the garden space that we have?”  

You  won’t imagine where we have installed marquees before!  We’ve had hedges, trees, swimming pools, ponds, and statues inside marquees before.  We have installed marquees over two gardens with fence panels inside, we’ve even set a marquee up 4 storeys high up in Bank, in London for a corporate client!

Modern marquees are quite flexible and can adapt to various terrains and heights if need be.

Some gardens are of different levels and the marquee will need to try and accommodate this.

Generally if the height difference is less than 18” (45cm) then the marquee can span over the height differences thanks to having extendable legs.  If you have quite a large height difference it may be best to install a marquee on both levels and join them together – it will still feel like one large space despite having two marquees covering your garden space.

Most experienced marquee hire companies will tell you yes, but my biggest bit of advice when doing your research here and you have got a not-quite-so-straightforward garden, is just to check case studies, previous photos and maybe some reviews from previous customers to see if the Company is used to challenging gardens and what they’d done to overcome it.

If you’re using an experienced marquee company they’d have probably got lots of custom-made kit to work around these issues because if you’re working in gardens every day, 9 times out of 10, any obstacle you have in your garden an experienced marquee hire company will have come across before and got a work-around around it.

And that’s quite important if your event is in the winter.  If you have got retaining wall or something where the ground changes, or you’ve got a big step for example, it’s about making sure there are no gaps and no draughts anywhere within the marquee.

My Garden isn't Straightforward - Will it Work?

Check companies have previous experience in dealing with non-straightforward gardens.

No matter how much heating you’ve got, if you have got a big hole or a bit of a draught, It’s like leaving your living room door open during December; the room is still going to be quite cold!  

Your biggest recommendation here is to do your research.  If you have got a tricky garden, ask your marquee company if you’ve got previous photos or case studies to show how you’ve overcome similar issues.

Mot gardens aren’t level – but that doesn’t mean a marquee won’t be a successful solution for your party!

Unsure a Marquee Will work in your Garden?

Our biggest advice would be to upload some photos of your garden and our team will be in touch to make sure we’ve got a best game plan for you to make sure a marquee is a suitable for you.  Leave it to the experts who have come across your obstacles on a weekly basis.

We install over 400 marquees in gardens a year, so I’m sure whatever obstacle or challenge you have in your garden, we’ve come across it before.  Because we install over 400 marquee a year – we’re super experienced in dealing with trickier spaces.  We love challenges and we’re often the only company that would take on such tricky spaces.  Upload some photos to our site and we’ll come up with the best plan for you.   

Alternatively give our team a call on 01462 26024.

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