How Far in Advance Do I Need to Book my Marquee?

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Book my Marquee?

We’re really proud to say we’re part of the UK’s highest reviewed events Company alongside our big brother Abacus Marquee & Event Hire.  We’ve gained such a fabulous reputation which means we do get booked out months in advance. 

During the peak times of the year between the months of April to September some events do have to be booked 6-12 months in advance 

Christmas time is also really busy too – Christmas is our most busiest period and because so many of our previous clients keep using us every Christmas as it works so well for them, we tend to have less and less capacity each year – so please get ahead and get in touch with us as quickly as you can!

We do tend to have a three to six month lead time with events, so if you do have an event in the summer during the main peak period, it’s always best to book it is early as you can.

During the summer we have 12 install slots during the week, and two on the weekends.  We tend to save the weekend slots for surprise events or some very last minute marquee parties.  

If you’re not sure what options you want inside the marquee but would like to book your party my best advice would be to book the marquee on its own for now to secure your set up slot, and then have a think about what other options you’d like to bring into your marquee in the future.  

That always would be our first recommendation, get the basics booked so you know you guys are in, you guys are covered, and you won’t be having to use your 2nd choice marquee hire company for example.

And then you can bring in the interior options choices a bit later on down the line.

That’s always our best advice, book as early as you can because we really do hate letting people down by saying we are fully booked!

We are fully booked and that does tend to happen quite often.


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