Can You Attach a Marquee to your House?

Can You Attach a Marquee to your House?

Our most popular question our clients ask is “Mark – Can I attach a marquee to a house?”

The short answer is yes you can – but the word attach sounds like there is a physical connection between the marquee and the house.  This would require drilling into the house to form a perfectly watertight & airtight seal.  This isn’t something we do as this would cause damage to your property.  The marquee will be butted up to your property as close as we possibly can.

Most of our clients look at marquees in their garden as the ideal solution for simply providing the additional extra space needed for a party at home.

“Clearspan” marquees mean they are freestanding – thus can be installed up against a set of doors allowing you to walk from your house into the marquee as if it was if its just an extension to your home giving you that much needed space for a party.

Most houses don’t have the space for 30-50 guests so having an extra room in your garden garden works perfectly.  By having it butted up to the back of your house so it is connected is perfect – so guests don’t have to walk outside first to enter the marquee.

This is particularly important if you’re having a winter based event!

They can be installed over most doors including french doors, sliding doors and bi fold doors.  Most domestic gazebo’s are not tall enough to reach over doors.  Commercial marquees from most hire companies have enough height to reach over the tallest of bi fold doors.

The marquee is butted right up to your house and leaned towards your property where if there are no obstructions, our marquee is touching your house.  If you looked directly up between the “join” of the marquee and your property you may see a small gap, however most house roof’s protrude further out than the house wall, so the roof catching any rain that may have landed in between the tiny gap between the marquee & house.

If you have a soffit/gutter just above your doors that protrudes out (quite common on new single soffit extensions) then the marquee will be butted right up to the soffit that sticks out.  What we do to make this gap as airtight as we possibly can is infill the gaps with a rolled piece of carpet either side of the doors – so in winter it reduces any draughts that come through.

If you are butting a marquee over doors it is best to leave this to companies who do this week in and week out.  They have the experience to ensure they create a best watertight gap as they possibly can within the house set up you have.

Can You Attach a Marquee to your House?

Can You Attach a Marquee to your House? 

It’s a really good idea because it allows you to walk from your living room or your kitchen straight into the marquee as if it’s just an instant extension to your home. What works quite well is the marquee space is your more lively end of a party with the music & dance floor in there which then gives your house to be the chill out area where people can have a conversation at normal volume.

If you are worried about sort of the size of the door, if you’ve got big bi-fold doors, or doors that open outwards, it’s very, very possible for you just to simply walk from the house straight into the marquee with no gaps at all.

But one bit of advice that would be from me, would be when you are gathering quotes and doing your research have a look on marquee companies websites and see if they have a specific webpages about attaching marquees to the back of you house – you need to know the marquee hire company you’re planning on using has the experience to install marquees up against a house.  It’s a little more complex than just installing on in the middle of a grass field!

Can You Attach a Marquee to your House?

Marquee Hire Stanmore

Marquees can be attached over more than one set of doors too.

When researching, see if the customer testimonials mentions past customers who had the marquee up against their house – just to make sure that whoever you use has the experience and the knowhow to make sure that there’s going be no gaps/draughts where the marquee links with the house because obviously that will impact things if the weather is not quite so good on the night of your party.

So have a look at any photos they’ve sent, make sure they include past installs they’ve made which show the marquee linking to the house seamlessly. 

If they haven’t provided good enough evidence ask them to see if they’ve got any previous work with previous house set ups that you’ve had that’s always a big recommendation.

Can You Attach a Marquee to your House – Do You Drill into my House?

Some people do ask when we say the word attached, do we drill into the house just to make sure the marquee’s right up against it?

We do not drill into the house.  We do not want to cause any permanent damage to your property.  What we do is install the marquee up to the house and use weights to lean the marquee up against the house to get the marquee as close as we possibly can to the back of your property.  If you do have any obstructions such as lights or a soffit that sticks out that’s below 3m in height, this may impact how close we can physically get the marquee to your house.

If you are unsure, we always suggest you Whatsapp us some images of the back of your house/garden and our team will check to see how close we can install your marquee.

Marquee Hire Attached to House

When attaching a marquee to the back of your house – no drilling is required.  Heavy weights which help lean the marquee into the house keeps it in place.

Worried if you Can You Attach a Marquee to your House?

We have an upload your own photos section on the website.  So if you do have any worries you’re not too sure if it’s going to work the best advice is take a couple of photos standing out in the garden and facing the doors that you want the marquee attached to, upload those to us and we’ll give you the best plan of action for your event.


Additional Examples of a Marquee Attached to the House

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But any questions you may have please call us on 01462 262001 or give us an email on [email protected]

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My best advice is upload some photos onto our websites and our team will be in touch to see what the best plan is for you.

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