Are your Marquees Usable in all Weather Conditions?

Are your Marquees Usable in all Weather Conditions?

Are your Marquees Usable in all Weather Conditions?  Yes, they are, if they’re our fully commercial-quality marquee structures.  So what that means it can be as wet and windy as it likes – your marquee will stay put, be completely watertight and airtight.

Marquees can be used in all weather conditions – that’s what’s make them so versatile.  Our marquees are made from PVC which is the industry leading material to make sure the wind & rain stays outside of the marquee and it can withstand the elements.  Take a look when gathering quotes to see if the Company mentions “PVC” in the line item.

They can withstand up to 60-mile-an-hour wind speeds and they can take a battering from snow as well as they’re fully commercial-quality structures.  When you are getting quotes, please ask the other companies as well – what quality structures they’re using, are they heavy-duty?   Can they withstand bad weather?  

The last thing that you need, halfway through your event, is the thing leaking as it’s been raining, which, in our country, there’s a high chance of it being quite wet!

Do your research, make sure when you are getting quotes from other companies they’re using fully commercial-quality structures.

If you do have any worries, you know where we are, the number’s 01462 262001.

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