Are Marquees Warm Enough in Winter?

Are Marquees Warm Enough in Winter?

Lots of my customers have asked is are marquees warm enough in winter?  People can’t get their heads around it being nearly freezing outside but a warm 22 degrees inside!  It’s all about who you use to install the marquee and the equipment they use.  With the right equipment inside it – Are Marquees Warm Enough in Winter?…yes they are!

When getting quotes – see if any of their testimonials include how effective their heating was!  Also if the testimonial has a date (we’re any of their events in the winter?) We hire more marquees in December than in July….crazy right?!  We’re super popular for “attaching” a marquee to the back of your house instantly giving you more space for a party.  We’re really popular for birthday parties…and people have birthday parties in the winter too!  Butting up a marquee to the back of the house allows everybody to walk from the house into their new party venue seamlessly as if it was just another room in your house.  Perfect.  But it’s 5 degrees outside Mark, so is everybody going to be jumping up doing star jumps in a wooly hat? No, your guests will be warm and cosy…

To make sure your guests are nice and toasty there are a few things you need to make sure your marquee has equipped with it.  These include a hard flooring system, carpet, roof lining and heating systems. Having these interior options installed in your marquee will make sure your marquee is warm enough even in winter. 


Inside a marquee, you lose a lot of your heat through the cold ground – weather that’s damp grass or a very cold patio – most of your heat inside a marquee will be lost due to the ground being so cold.  Having a raised hard floor & carpet inside the marquee will insulate the ground – so the heat generated by our heating systems isn’t lost directly through the cold floor.

It is likely also to be wet during the winter months, and the hard floor & carpet allows the rainwater from the grass/patio to flow underneath the hard floor leaving the carpet to stay dry – so it feels like another room to your house.

If your marquee is going to be installed on a patio, if it rains heavily the excess water on the outside of the patio can flow underneath your marquee, meaning the patio inside the marquee can still get wet.  IF you’re having the marquee butted up against your house guests will then be bringing in this water back into your house.  That’s why we feel it’s crucial to have flooring inside your marquee during the winter.

I have made another article where I speak more in depth about marquee flooring and why it’s so important in this article here.


The interior linings will act as a second skin further insulating the marquee to make sure the heat generated by the marquee heaters stay within the marquee.  It’s a very similar analogy of putting a coat on in the winter to keep you warm.  It acts as a barrier of warm air trapped between your coat and your body, where you body heat doesn’t escape into the atmosphere. 

You do get roof lining installed as standard with our marquees, and you can add side wall lining as an option which is recommended to fully insulate your marquee during the winter months.

Heating Systems

For smaller structures, we install powerful infrared heating systems in the ceiling of your marquee.  They heat the person and not the air – meaning they provide instant heat and you do not have to wait hours for a heating system to heat the air.

Once your guests all arrive it is likely that you may have to turn 1/2 of these off as body heat inside an insulated structure is enough to keep your marquee warm, and not all of the heaters are needed to regulate the temperature.

Infrared heating systems are installed in the roof

Diesel Heating System

We do offer an event more powerful heating system for our larger 6m and 9m wide structures.  This automated diesel heating system sits outside the marquee, and blows warm heated air into the marquee.  This is a more sophisticated heating system which operates with a thermostat.  It works like the heating inside your house and turns itself on or off once it hits the desired temperate.

You may want to consider this upgraded heating system in a small marquee, if outside temperatures are below 5 degrees.  It will be a better heating system than the infrared heaters, designed to “take the chill out” during the early stages of your event when guests are arriving.

A diesel heating system is a more powerful heating system than the infrared heaters.  They are designed to go into our 6m and 9m wide structures but can also be installed on our smaller marquees if the outside temperatures are below 5 degrees for a small premium.

The Importance of an Experience Company for Winter Events

Setting up a marquee for a winter event by an experienced Company is crucial.  You want a commercial quality marquee, properly set up to ensure your guests are warm and comfortable.

When doing your research of the best marquee Company for your event, check if they have reviews about how good their heating systems was, or if they have reviews dated during the winter months is often a sign they have happy customers who have had events in the winter!


Is a marquee warm enough in winter?

We’re really popular around Christmas time as a small marquee can provide extra space to have the family over.  If you don’t have enough room to get all your family in your dining room – creating a cool, festive marquee is a far more cost effective solution than going out on Christmas Day somewhere (I’ve only done that once and hated it – it doesn’t feel like a proper Christmas!). Every year my (crazy) family have a marquee attached to our dining room and we love it.  It gives us plenty of room to fit 14 of us in – we even leave ours up for a New Year’s Eve bash too!

Are Marquees Warm Enough in Winter
Instant added space for a party – A heated marquee in December attached to a house.

So, Are Marquees Warm Enough in Winter?  Yes they really are!  As long as your marquee has the above interior options fitted, you will be able to ensure your guests are warm, dry & comfortable no matter the weather outside.

Check out a winter birthday marquee in action here…guests wearing one layer of clothing and perfectly comfortable.  Click here to see video.


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