Advice for Seated Events & Weddings

Today I wanted to show you if you’re thinking about having guests seated in the marquee.

Get a 4m wide Marquee if you can..

What a difference it makes either have a three meter wide structure or a four.  Our best advice if you can fit it in your garden, to have a four meter wide structure like this one here.

And what that does is that allows you to have two rows of trestle tables, like so, and a bit of a gangway in the middle.  So your guests can walk in and out as they please, without getting in the way of anyone.

 If you do have, only got space for three meter wide structure, you’ll struggling to get

two rows in like this. And you’ll end up having one long row of trestle tables.  You could then add a couple of trestle tables at the end to create a big L shape.

there isn’t much of a price difference between a 3m and a 4m wide marquee – so go with 4m if you can fit it in your garden as the extra 33% space will be invaluable!


What type of table shall I go for?

We always advise in marquees of this size to go for trestle tables. Trestle tables are rectangular in shape and hold up to 6 people on each.

Round tables are lovely however in small marquees like these they aren’t as practical.  If you were having 5’6’’ round tables which seat 10, get to the table at the end of the marquee, with guests already sat in the middle table, makes things quite difficult to get around each other.

Smaller 4’ round tables are good for informal parties which tend to sit around 5/6 people.  As these are smaller they provide lots of room either side for guests to get past.

So if you’ve got the space, go with a four meter wide structure as you’ll get more people in seated because we’ve got more space to put more tables.


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