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I would definitely use this company again…“Used the above company for a Marquee for my 70th Birthday party, it was great.  The staff were very polite and very attentive to what I had asked for it looked great.  I would definitely use this company again.”Denise Williams 18th Birthday Party in Harrow (December 2018)I felt confident we were in good hands…“I was very impressed with Abacus and I felt confident we were in good hands.” Jason Kennedy – 18th Birthday in Harrow (November 2018)Everything was simple and straightforward…“Planning an event is never without its stresses and when getting our house setup for our daughter’s bat mitzvah we were going to use the same ‘summer’ grade marquee we used for our first daughter.  The winter storms a coupe of weeks ago had other ideas and it started to collapse so with less than 1 week to go I called Mark to see if he could help us in our emergency for a 3x6m marquee.Amazingly he had one exactly the size we needed and two days later it was all setup. Everything was simple and straightforward. The crew to put up and take down the marquee were fast, friendly, turned up when they said they would and cleaned up after themselves.The party was a great success and we certainly didn’t stress about whether or not the marquee would stay up for another week.Thank you to all the team at Abacus and we would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for marquee hire.”Jason Frankl – Bar Mitzvah in Harpenden (March 2018)The marquee was perfect for our needs…“Mark was knowledgeable and helpful in the planning stages. Always got back to us very quickly and polite and friendly. The marquee provided was perfect for our needs and the dancefloor in particular was a big hit!”Maddy Vinther – 21st Birthday Party in Harpenden (January 2019)I cannot recommend them more highly…“Fantastic company I have used many times. Friendly, efficient, no fuss and lovely marquees. Any problems they will come and sort them straight away. I cannot recommend them more highly.”Sally Jowett – 3x Family Parties in Letchworth (January 2019)We particularly wanted a marquee that would attach to the back of the house…“We recently used Party in your Garden to provide a marquee for my husband’s 60th birthday celebration. We particularly wanted a marquee that would attach to the back of the house in order to extend our floor space and we were very pleased with the results. Most of our guests commented on how lovely the marquee was and we really felt that it contributed to everyone’s enjoyment of the party. One or two even asked for the contact details!The erection and dismantling of the marquee was all done carefully and efficiently. Thanks guys!”Bridget & Alan Culverhouse (60th Birthday Party in Letchworth)Everything a party could possibly need…AMAZING company! Thanks so much guys. Awesome service, equipment, advice and ideas. Everything a party could possibly need and all in one phone call. Very competitive too.Will highly recommend and will use you again.Claire Breith (18th Birthday in Tring)Mark really helped me out of a tight spot…I hired a marquee from Party In Your Garden for my birthday party. Mark really helped me out of a tight spot – sorted a marquee in record time, and his team who put up and took down the tent were first class. Super helpful, nothing was too much trouble, so polite, on time and really tidy.Great value for money – would highly recommend. A1 ServiceNichola Murphy (4m X 6m Marquee)Everyone we dealt with were fantastic…” We would highly recommend the company, very helpful and professional.  Everyone we dealt with were fantastic.
The biggest thanks need to go to the boys who done a fantastic job putting up the marquee whilst battling against the snow, wind and freezing temperatures ensuring we were still able to go ahead with our sons 18th party.  Thanks again and we will definitely recommend Abacus.”Stacey Brand – 18th Birthday Party (4m x 8m Marquee) April 2018

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